It's a little embarrassing how long it took me to finally post about my weekend away in Newcastle earlier this year, but here it goes... Photos are a combination from my Instagram and from my trustful travel companion Sony RX100 (since I have given up DSLR a while ago).

Eat: I still remember that every single places we went to eat was so delicious and the portion was much more generous compared to Sydney. Happy! Here's our list of food adventure - all highly recommended:
Breakfast at The Hood Milk Bar - good food, good GELATO, cute and cosy too (photo 1)
Lunch at The Lucky Hotel - it's a pub (but a cute one) so you could drink too or you could come for dinner if you prefer. If you go with boys they would surely love this place, so much tasty meaty dishes on the menu.
Dinner at The Edwards - again, delicious and generous. And I remember it wasn't loud which is a good place for dinner catch up because you don't have to yell to each other.
Breakfast at Goldbergs Coffee House - awesome food and coffee and dessert.

Something that we missed because we didn't have enough time and they're not open on Sunday: Hello Naomi (2nd photo from the bottom). We just got some cookies before they closed down for the day on Saturday *sad face* so next time I go back to Newcastle, I would definitely put this on my priority list to go back!

Hunt & Gather Markets (photo 2 and 3) - cute stalls with knick-knacks and food and music, good atmosphere.
Newcastle Ocean Baths and Merewether Ocean Baths. Both of them MUST GO, they're very different and pretty!

That is all for now :)

The Tiny Canal Cottage is possibly one of the most beautiful and inspiring tiny space I've come across on the internet. The residents of this house are a creative director and lifestyle consultant (duh, of course!) Whitney Leigh Morris, her fiance Adam Winkleman and their dog Stanlee.

This house consists of 3 rooms - the bedroom, the bathroom and the living room that's also their office, dining room to host some gathering (!!) or sometimes a guest room (!!!). I read on Whitney's instagram and she said that they had visitors who stayed over for a night but also others for 3 weeks. I know right! And just look at their pretty little court yard and outdoor area. Everything in their place is just super pretty and magazine like, that sometimes I questioned whether this place is even real or is it just for a display. But looking at their instagram, how would you do such frequent update taking photos of the house unless you live there?

I do have some questions for them like: where do they keep all of their stuff? How often do they clean the house? What happens to all the outdoor furniture on rainy days, do they pack everything inside and if so where do they store them? 

Nonetheless, it's definitely inspiring and a house that I aspire mine to be. Ever since I read Marie Kondo's book, I'm getting more and more serious in my study about minimalism and slowly put this into practice. And just like Kondo, I guess simplicity and downsize are the two key ingredients to live in a house like this. 

A few people I know are making such a big fuss about this whole new Kondo thing so I got curious and finally read the so called famous Marie Kondo's book 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying'. At first I was being skeptical and thought Kondo is just this one ridiculously OCD woman. Well I still think she is. But after reading her book, I'm totally loving it and in the process of decluttering and trying out this new KonMari method. 

I have been ogling over #konmarimethod over social media channels to check out other people who have Kondoed their house after I read this book. I even found myself browsing internet for minimalism and got into this 30-day challenge. Incredible.

Ready to declutter, discard a lot of crap and keep only the stuff that sparks joy in your life? Come join the KonMari cult with me. 

Photo source: (1) NY Mag (2) Instagram @emoelaine

I stumbled across some forgotten photos from a little weekend getaway at Bowral winter last year in my photos folder. Looking back at these photos I'm really itchy to get away from Sydney again now!

I have been to Bowral several times but this particular trip was extra special because we visited a family farm and got to feed and cuddle some animals! Pigs, alpacas, lambs, southern highland cows, bunnies and guinea pigs. I've never cows before but this was the first southern highland cow I've seen in my life. She was super cool and cute and also huge. The alpacas are of course always winning everyone's heart. That bunny in the photo though... oh dear, the fur is so so soft and doesn't it just look like one of those from the Disney cartoons? Best short trip ever.

In case you're wondering, we joined the farm tour organised by Food Path at that time, and here are some more photos of us on their blog :)

My other recommendations in Bowral: visit antique stores - amongst a lot of them Dirty Jane and Lancelot Hills are a must and go to Bowral Lookout.

Eat: Elephant Boy, Raw & Wild, Red Tree Cafe. We actually stayed and had dinner at Biota Dining as well to celebrate Jo's birthday. But my honest opinion.. I think that place is a little over rated.

Stay: I have been staying at Blue Bird Escape at Canyonleigh several times. Canyonleigh is about half an hour drive from Bowral. Amazing house, big space to fit in 10 people, very cosy and with back yard view of the hills all for yourself.

This weekend I finally finished watching the How to be Awesome series by Alison Faulkner from The Alison Show. Great life advice, motivating and inspiring. Check out the whole series here.
Here are some photos from earlier this year when Jo and I took a small day trip to The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mount Tomah. 

Always good to be able to get away from Sydney whenever I have the opportunity, it was a fun refreshing day to just simply appreciate and enjoy and being closer to the nature. My most favourite part was the rain forest walk with the giant ferns and most and super tall trees. 

The cafe in the garden supposedly has really great food too. So disappointed that when we finished walking around and wanted to eat they just finished serving lunch... Maybe it's a sign telling me to come back next time, it really is not that far away from Sydney after all (if you don't get lost like we did).

Highly recommended for you all to visit Mount Tomah if you're looking for some activities to do that's fun, healthy and keeping your wallet happy (it's free entry!).

All photos taken with my iphone, non edited. Man I really should take my cameras out of the dust and give them some love...

By the way if you have any favourite getaway (doesn't have to be a garden) that you could recommend to me, I'm always on the lookout for new places to visit and explore so please let me know!

You could see more of my adventures in a more instant way on my instagram hashtag #lauratjtraveldiary.

i first came across into theron humphrey and his best friend maddie the coonhound over instagram. yes, i follow so many different insta dogs and i am addicted.. but this account so much more than just shots of cute dogs that i ended up scrolling and stalking over hundreds and hundreds of photos back.

later i started exploring and learnt so many achievements, so many different amazing projects that theron has done. all of theron's photographs and adventures are truly inspiring. somewhat makes me feel a little bit insignificant as i haven't been doing any new projects recently. and this also makes me want to go travelling, i shall book a trip somewhere.

i have been having a hard time picking which photos i should showcase on my blog. these shots are just a teaser i can tell you that, there are so many more over his site this wild idea and other social media channels you could find from there. enjoy.
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